PHILWYZE PACKAGING CORP. is a full service corrugated box manufacturing company which constantly strives to provide our customers with the best quality boxes at competitive prices, while maintaining a consistently higher level of customer service than any of our competitors. Continual quality improvement for customers and this is accomplished by providing quality corrugated boxes and customer service that is second to none.

We stand out from other corrugated packaging companies because of the personal service we provide to our clients. It’s not just about making boxes; it’s about building a lasting, trusting, relationship with our clients by providing realistic, practical advice and quality, affordable packaging on time. Distance is not an issue in the electronic age; we can work with clients anywhere. From the design of the box to the graphics printed onto it, we measure our success by enhancing yours. ​

“Discovery consists of seeing what everybody has seen
and thinking what nobody has thought."

PHILWYZE PACKAGING CORP. envision itself in striving to create and promote quality products and services which is competitive in the market to be able to grow its business with integrity.

To be a well-known manufacturer of corrugated products committed to servicing and meeting the packaging needs and expectations of our customers allowing to remain profitable but economical enabling to provide innovative packaging solutions.

  • (3) Three unit creaser machine with complete control and standard accessories.
  • (1) One unit Flexo in Line with 15 horse power compressor.
  • (1) One unit 2 color Flexo Printer Slotter with complete control parts and accessories.
  • (1) One unit 2 color Flexo long Way with complete parts and accessories.
  • (1) One unit ARS-3 60 x 90 Auto Rotary Slotter and Creaser with complete control parts and accessories.
  • (1) One unit Semi Auto-Gluing machine (Taiwan) with complete control parts and accessories.
  • (1) One unit Automatic Gluing machine (Taiwan).
  • (3) Three unit Stitching Machine from Taiwan.​
  • (1) One unit Over Hang Machine (Japan) with complete control parts and accessories.
  • (2) Two unit Die Cut Machine with complete control parts and accessories.
  • (4) Four unit Tying Machine (Taiwan).
  • (2) Two unit of Bailing Machine.
  • (5) Five unit of Industrial Jack lift.
  • (1) One unit 3000 kg Weighing Scales Beam Type-Fuji Flat Form.
  • (1) One unit Forklift.
  • (6) Six Delivery Trucks 4 (Four wheeler) 2 (Six wheeler).
  • (1) One unit Innova Car for collections.

Creasing Machine

These are machines used to cut boards and put the scoring.


Flexo Long Way Printing Machine

Is a 2 color printing machine.


Flexo Printer Slotter

A machine combined of 2 color printing and a slotting procedures.


Flexo in Line

A machine used for volume orders because of its speed that can produce of 125 pcs. of boxes per minute. A machine combined of 2 color printing, a slotting and gluing procedures.



Die Cut Machine

A machine wherein a metal die with a sharp edge is pressed into boards to cut it into desired design.


Auto Rotary Slotter Machine

A machine used for making a slot on a box (automatic).


Over Hang Machine

A machine used for making a slot on a box (manual). 


Stitching Machine

Used to stitch the jointing tab of the box together with the stitching wire.


Blade Maker Section

An area wherein the die cut blade are being process.


Box Dimension are displayed as: Length x Width x Depth

Dimensions are always the inside dimensions. This also helps you to accurately determine whether your item(s) will fit.

Length – As you view the base of the box, the length is the longest side.
Width – As you view the base of the box, the width is the shortest side.
Depth – At the side of the box, measuring from the base to the top, determines the depth.